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Get A FULL templates set Free – with screen/buttons

    Get A FULL templates set Free – with screen/buttons

      Get A FULL templates set Free – with screen/buttons

        Style and Layouts

        Each layout style is recognisable based on its elements and design choices. Their key style components of imagery, typographic choices and grid layout sets us apart from the rest!

        Innovative and Trending

        With evolving photo booth experiences experiences (Gif, boomerang 360, etc), we have introduced new layouts to fill an industry void.

        Pix Templates has vertical templates for each of it’s design sets allowing our clients create a fully branded sceen/button and video experience.

        Our 2×6 three-up square photo strips with the same design square, and screen/buttons templates give your client a premium photo/gif experience.

        With insta-portrait requests on the rise, we’ve added these style templates with a square photo layout that integrates well with the same square design.

        shhhhhh…… New design concept launch at Photo Booth Expo 2024.

        Designs by Members

        A one of a kind membership plan that encourages it’s Gold and Platinum Members to participate in the design process

        Step One

        Members submit design ideas to our creative team via a submission form.

        Step Two

        Our creative team will evaluate and establish if the idea gets designed.

        Step Three
        Your Payment!

        When launched we assign you a $50 gift card for use here or at FunProps.

        Members are lovin’ it

        Every week our creative team releases fresh new designs, with complete layout sets, screens and buttons that help you stand out!

        Highly unique and beautiful designs that are aligned with our values/vision.

        There are few harder working designers around– and that’s saying a lot. Such an awesome library of templates. BRAVO!

        Not only are these templates cleverly designed, but the whole process of making changes and integrating them has been relatively quick and painless.

        The time, dedication, and customer service that Daniel and his team puts in, go far beyond the usual.

        Thank you for making our activations so much easier.

        Only Premium Templates

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